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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Brushing Up On Oral Health

Fourteen years ago I wrote a book about teeth, oral health care and how to help parents better address the everyday symptoms of their teething infants and children with natural medicine. While the natural remedies for teething related symptoms haven’t changed much, there certainly are many new oral health care products on your store shelves today. The question is, which ones are truly natural, toxic free and effective?

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Exploring A New Approach
Breast Cancer Awareness

Even though October is the official month of Breast Cancer Awareness (and we’re well into November now), I believe it’s a subject that we can all continue to learn about anytime of the year. A report published in The Lancet medical journal on November 1, 2016, reveals that the number of women diagnosed with breast cancer could (almost) double from 1.7 million in 2015 to 3.2 million a year by 2030.

I personally, am about a decade past midlife, and yet I’ve never had a mammogram. Many doctors and woman might think of this lack of action on my part as highly irresponsible. However, I am diligent about conducting my own manual breast exams and monitoring my overall breast health through an annual, or biannual thermal breast screening called Thermography.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

- A Reasonably Pest Free Summer - Natural Solutions

I am happy to report that as a result of finding some great new products at the Natural Products Expo West 2015 (and some old faithful products from years past), we were able to enjoy a reasonably pest free summer at Eco Family News.

One of the most impressive company’s at Expo West this past March was Earth-Kind, an all natural pest prevention line of products. Owner Kari Warberg-Block is a rock star in our book on all fronts … safe effective products, business, environment and education. She has created a line of all natural botanical products to prevent and/or remedy pesky ant, moth, spider, and rodent issues. I sat down with Kari at the show and walked away with great admiration and gratitude for what she has created. Obviously there are many others that feel the same way, as the company also won the 2015 Nexty “People’s Choice” award for best new product at the show, and Kari has since been interviewed by Forbe's Magazine.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mother and Daughter - Celebrating Milestone Birthdays Together

Taking free public transportation in Zion National Park, UT
This year marks a milestone birthday for both myself, and my daughter Danielle. In honor of this special occasion we made a pack that once a year we are going to go on random adventures to places we have never been before (just the two of us) to reconnect and create new memories together.

Neither of us was quite sure what that would look like, but in April we quickly found out. Instead of having a big birthday party, I thought it might be a good time to start our new annual adventure. My daughter's suggestion was to go climbing around in caves in the Sierra Mountains … I immediately had an anxiety attack at the thought. Did I really want to re-experience my birth by wiggling around in dark spaces on our tummies and knees crawling through tunnels, while gasping for air in the dark corners of Mother Earth's belly? I don't think so.