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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Adventures On the Sea: Girlfriends enjoy a spontaneous day

I am usually someone who likes to plan for a day of adventure, so when my girlfriend Jeri called Friday night to see if I wanted to sit in for her son on a Santa Cruz Island kayak trip, my immediate response was, "I need to sleep on it." For some reason I have always had issues around ocean voyages because they require me working through lots of fears of seasickness. Kayaks are not a problem – it is the boat ride getting to destinations that I fear will torture my stomach. I had two bad experiences as a child. However, on falling asleep I remembered that my great trips in Hawaii always went well despite my fears – all I had to do was stay in my seat (outside) and do nothing but meditate. So I am happy to report that I decided to go.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cool things Brewing for Enrichment Village at WCWP Expo 2010

I am so excited about a great dinner meeting I had last night with two dynamic women about creating a united link within the Enrichment Village planned for the 2010 Whole Child, Whole Planet Expo. Some of the ideas discussed were around creative projects for the kids – that would be equally as enjoyable for adults.

I met with Rhion Magee, a woman involved with the Project Okurase working with villages in Ghana, and my dear friend Linda McManus, co-founder of Enrichment Educational Experiences who in the last year has developed a mentoring program for young women, teaching them different skills including the art of sewing and business development.

Both ladies are doing similar work and have joined forces by simultaneously teaching villagers in Ghana and young women in the San Fernando Valley creative skills to utilize their talents and natural resources for building positive self-esteem and economic growth.