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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hungry for Change ... Time to Create A Rainbow Kitchen

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I recently watched a fabulous documentary called Hungry for Change (by the producers of Food Matters), which in my opinion should be required viewing for all kids and adults. The film details, in a very people friendly way, why we are dealing with an obesity epidemic in America. This in-depth look at today's food industry and how the dieting paradigm is flawed, is so revealing. I also appreciated the inspiring interviews and testimonials of those who were featured in the film who have struggled with obesity and/or major health issues, and how they have transformed their lives through better nutrition and changing their relationship with food. 

When I was fifteen, I went to work at a French restaurant in Beverly Hills as a part-time crepe cooker. Being their youngest employee, I became somewhat of a mascot to this quaint little restaurant. And because of my passion for cooking (and skills), I was quickly promoted to the main kitchen within 6 months where I began teaching managers in training how to prepare the signature dishes.